What Can Catholic High School Art Programs Do For Your Child?


High school is an important opportunity to mold kids into the people they will eventually become. Some people have artistic gifts that can turn into great talents when their gifts are nurtured from a young age. A Catholic high school with a great art program is an excellent place to nurture young artists. You can do these things for your son or daughter when you enroll him or her in a Catholic high school art program:

21 November 2022

Benefits Of Enrolling Your Child In A Christian School


Your child needs access to quality education in order to acquire relevant knowledge and life skills. However, you need to enroll your child in the right school. Hence, consider registering your child in a Christian school to enjoy the following benefits. Faith-Based Education While Christian schools offer the standard curriculum that includes various subjects like science and math, their teaching is faith-oriented. For instance, a Christian academy may have Bible lessons to teach learners the Word of God.

9 September 2022

What Can Private Christian Schools Do For Kids?


All children need proper education, but parents can choose how and where kids should obtain that education. Many Christian parents choose to send their kids to private schools because of the many benefits they provide. Private Christian schools can educate kids in foundational subjects necessary for intellectual growth as well as in Christianity. Here are four things a private school can do for your kids. 1. They can educate children throughout their primary and secondary school careers

18 October 2021

3 Reasons A Private High School May Be Right For Your Teen


Enrolling your teen in the right school is integral for helping them to seek out new opportunities, make friends, and grow academically. While many families choose to enroll their kids in public schools, they aren't right for everyone. Here are three reasons a private high school may be right for your teenager.  1. Academic Goals What does your teenager want to do with their life? Whether they are excited about a career in linguistics or they want to be a doctor, it's absolutely crucial to do what you can to help them to reach their academic goals.

9 April 2021

3 Tips To Help Your Son Adjust To An All-Boys Private School


Teens need a good education to shape their minds and hearts. Private schools can give adolescents an excellent moral and academic foundation. Single-sex academies can help boys grow into thoughtful, intelligent young men. However, some boys have difficulties making the adjustment. As a parent, you can ease the way by staying involved and making a few suggestions. Here are three ways you can help your son adjust to life at an all-boys private school.

23 February 2021

How To Help Your Child Excel In Private School


Private school offers children unique learning opportunities. Private schools often have greater resources and more latitude in designing effective curriculums. Many parents choose to enroll their child in the private school system to give them a clear path to academic success. However, enrolling your child in a private school is only the first step. To truly excel, your child must put in the work. Here are four things you can do to help your child make the most of private school education.

18 August 2020

Need Help Finding a Good College Prep High School for Your Student? Be on the Lookout for These 4 Things


While many private high schools call themselves college prep schools, how do you know if they're really helping their students prepare for the admissions process and the rigors of university courses? Graduating from a college prep high school doesn't guarantee admission by itself—the school has to provide the correct learning environment and guide students into developing the skills they need for college while also making them stand out to the college admissions boards.

26 March 2019

Online Schooling with a Christian Faith: Get Both and Save Money


If you want a faith-based education but you don't have access to a local Christian college, and if you aren't sure that you want to live in a college dorm, you can still get a Christian-based education without having to sacrifice. You can earn a degree online from a Christian university. There are a lot of benefits for students that choose to get their degrees online instead of in the classroom on a college campus.

7 July 2015

Bible Reenactments Every Preschooler Will Love


You probably already know that when introducing preschoolers to the Bible, it is important to find ways to engage them so that they don't get bored with the lesson. You also know that one of the best ways to engage the students is to make them involved in the story in whatever way possible. For this reason, you should work to incorporate Bible reenactments into your lessons whenever possible. If this sounds like a good idea to you, and if you think that it is a new, interesting way to keep the children under your care entertained, then check out some of these ideas for reenactments that the kids will love participating in:

5 March 2015